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Medicare Beneficiaries

Extra Help for Medicare Beneficiaries: 

Are you single with an income level below $1,528 a month and assets below $13,820?

Are you married with a combined income below $2,050 a month and assets below $27,600?

You may qualify for Extra Help in paying your Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D) premium and lower the cost of your co-pays and deductibles.

What Could You Do With An Extra $134 Each Month?

Ask about the Medicare Savings Porgram

Single Person: Monthly Income $1,376.75 or less; Assets of less than $7,390.00

Married Couple: Monthly Income $1,847.75 or less; Assests of less than $11,090.00 or less

The Medicare Savings Program is designed to help people pay for their Medicare Part B.

Are you eligible?

Assets do not include your home, care, or personal items but will include savings, stocks, CD's, Life Insurance Policies, and other items with a cash value.

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